Enrollment Info

Enrollment Information

How to Register

Before your child begins childcare at Big Hugs, the enrollment packet and all medical forms need to be completed. If you have just moved into the state, you have 30 days to provide us with your child’s medical records. The registration fee needs to be paid 5 days in advance of your child’s first day of attendance.




A two week advanced payment/security will be charged and credited to your account for your child’s last two weeks of attendance. Children who receive a subsidy are eligible for a different security deposit, please contact a Big Hugs daycare administrator for further information. All deposits must be paid in cash, checks, money order or Zelle. You are required to pay for any absenteeism, including vacation, sick time, suspension, or when the child care center closes for circumstances beyond our control, etc.

If you will be on vacation for 3 continuous weeks or more you will be charged for the first 2 weeks of tuition only. To receive this credit, you must notify the center in writing a minimum of two full weeks in advance.

We accept cash, checks and money orders. We are charged a fee for all returned checks, we pass those charges on to you at the rate of $35 per returned check.

Expulsion Policy