Toddlers Child Care Program

1 - 2 Years


The wonder of the world begins to unfold in the eyes of a toddler. Every object is worthy of investigation and every avenue worthy of exploration. Encouraging a toddler's natural urge to explore their environment is at the heart Big Hugs Childcare’s philosophy.

As toddlers form language skills and become mobile, they begin to express their needs in more complex ways. They also begin to interact with their peers on a more complex level. By guiding these interactions in a positive and respectful manner, children form the foundation for appropriate social interaction; a skill that is essential to succeed in life. Here at Big Hugs Childcare, we provide an unparalleled level of consistent, attentive and loving care. Through our continuity of care program, we allow a strong bond to form between caregiver and child, as they continue together throughout the years.

At Big Hugs Childcare, we provide peace of mind for parents, allowing them to stay connected with their toddlers by direct communication. We provide parents with daily detailed documentation of their child's progress. Our loving and highly trained teachers are devoted to the success of each and every child. We hope for every child to develop the self-confidence they need to interact with the world around them.

Please bring the following with your child on their first day:
  • Extra clothes (2-3 outfits)
  • Diapers
  • 4 packs of wipes for the month
  • Crib sheets/sleeping bag
  • 3/4 already made bottles for infants
  • 3 already filled sippy cups for toddlers (water, milk, juice, etc.)
  • Breakfast if eating before 9:00 A.M.
  • Lunch
  • 2 snacks
  • Sunscreen/bug spray if weather permitted


What To Bring


During circle time, children participate in playing musical instruments, singing, telling stories, and playing games. Our curriculum includes attendance, weather, calendar, pledge of allegiance, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, science, art, multiple themes, and special events. The curriculum is designed to meet the educational, emotional, and physical needs of all children on their level. We also strive to challenge our children through our curriculum. If you wish to discuss the curriculum, please let us know and we will set up an appointment to discuss it.